The No-Spin Zone

Thanks for checking my site out! I believe that honesty is the best policy, and I will not try to make myself look, sound, or smell better than I actually am (although I must say I smell pretty good). It is too easy in today’s world to “beef up” our resumes, Photoshop our pictures, and fudge the truth of our daily life.

The popular television show How I Met Your Mother features character Barney Stinson whose ethically debatable schemes land him in all kinds of strange situations. In one episode Barney tries to help his friend create a video resume by showing her his own which has gotten him many job offers. In the video resume Barney creates his own theme song video repeating the words “awesome” in the chorus, and uses an array of fancy visual effects, and fake words to land jobs. Although this is a highly embellished version of what people are willing to do to get ahead in the world, the fact remains that a person’s resume, or online presence is many times more refined than the person they represent.

Therefore, I decided to change things up and give you the true honest Joe. I am not a business man with a fancy video covered in explosions. I am just Joe and that will have to do.